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Why should I take FOS supplements? What can they do for me? How will they help my health?

Let?s start with what FOS stands for. FOS stands for fructo-oligosaccharides. This is a highfaluting way of referring to good old fruit sugars, such as you?ll find in many fruit and vegetables. You may be more familiar with its common name of fructose. FOS, along with GOS (galacto-oligosaccharides, or galactose), can only be partly digested by the human body. The same applies to inulin (not to be confused with insulin), which is a polysaccharide and a form of fiber.

The immediate question to ask here is if we can only partially digest FOS, GOS and inulin, why take them as supplements? The answer is that while we don?t digest them, the friendly flora living in your gut do. These bacteria (rather them than me) live inside the bowel and aid in good health and digestion. Some of these friendly bacteria are the lactobacillus and the bifidus species. These bacteria help keep toxic bacteria out of your system. If you?ve ever been on antibiotics and have suffered a yeast infection or a slightly upset tummy, this is why: the antibiotics have killed of your friendly bacteria, so replacing them (live yoghurt is the easiest way) plus giving them a beneficial environment to live in with FOS, GOS and inulin supplements.

Now the other great thing about FOS, GOS and inulin supplements is that they can possibly help in lowering blood sugar levels (although studies are still attempting to confirm this). This is good news for those who have Type 2 diabetes (non-insulin dependent or adult-onset diabetes), as they need to get their blood sugar levels down and reduce the amount of insulin (insulin, not inulin this time) in their system (producing too much insulin means that your cells become insensitive to it and won?t respond to it so the sugars in the bloodstream can be turned into energy, so the sugar just stays in the bloodstream). As inulin in particular has no effect at all on blood sugar (blood glucose), it can help in managing Type 2 diabetes (and probably is no bad thing for Type 1 diabetics either, if blood sugar management through diet rather than insulin dosage is an issue). Several scientific studies so far have shown that in people with raised triglyceride levels (either through pre-diabetes or full-blown Type 2 diabetes), taking inulin supplementation at a rate of 10 g a day for 8 weeks lowered their triglyceride levels and got their fasting blood sugar levels down significantly and also lowered insulin concentration.

While it is possible to get a reasonable intake of FOS, GOS and inulin through certain vegetables, it?s also true that these vegetables are a bit oddball and not to everyone?s taste and thus are available at the House Of Nutrition in nutrition supplement form the list includes Jerusalem artichoke (which isn?t the same as the globe artichoke at all ? they just taste similar), onions, leeks, garlic, burdock, chicory and asparagus, and even some other common plants like dandelions. Taking a FOS and/or inulin supplement is much easier than trying to munch your way through dandelions like a rabbit, trying to find a good supply of Jerusalem artichokes or having the bad breath that comes from eating garlic.

One more thing in the trivia department: inulin may play a big role in the future in fighting the fuel crisis and global warming, as it can be converted into ethanol, which is a biofuel gasoline substitute. Good for your insides and good for the planet!

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One of the known trading spots in Europe is Bilbao. This is the place that businessmen love to visit. Aside from the official trading agenda, they also get to enjoy the city’s modernized facilities and infrastructure. The weather in Bilbao is extreme during the summer and winter seasons. You have to be prepared for extreme heat and the extreme cold during these two seasons. Although this may sound discouraging, when you get to Bilbao, you will enjoy what the city offers. It will be more than just trading and business. You also have a place to relax and express your interest, adventure and fun.

Things to Do


If you are a shopping maniac, Bilbao is the place for you. There are good shopping destinations that will make you fill your shopping bags. You can visit the Mercado de la Ribera for its fresh produce. You will enjoy the freshness of its vegetables and fruits. Also, visit the Sofiartx and be amazed at the many unique items that you can bring home as souvenirs. You can also go the Centro Comercial Max and enjoy a big mall with 150 shops where you can buy almost anything. In Bilbao, you will experience the ?shop till you drop’ feeling because of the many choices.

Appreciate the beauty of the arts in a tour to Bilbao’s monuments and museums. Visit the Guggenheim Museum and see the many different contemporary artworks of local and international artists.
You can also appreciate the grandeur of church architecture in Saint Vincent church, Basilica of Begona, Basque Museum and Santiago Cathedral.

Basque cuisine is what you will also enjoy in Bilbao. The many delicious Spanish dishes are available for your delight in the restaurants and bars in the city. It is a lively and active city for diners and for those who love to have night fun and enjoyment.

As Bilbao is known for trading and business, it is also a favorite by locals and tourists from all parts of the world. You will see the rich Spanish heritage, enjoy the best Spanish cuisine, explore the natural sceneries, and enjoy some fun and adventure as you take your vacation. This will be a trip that you will always remember as there are many opportunities for creating and capturing memories with friends and your family. The next time you will have to plan your next vacation, consider Bilbao in your list. It will be worth it.

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Most often, women suffer
from the fullness of the hips and legs. This is due to the nature of
the female body. In every woman possesses potential motherhood, so
smart body to store fat for a possible pregnancy was successful. It
is in the abdomen, hips and legs are extra completeness. Also causes
weight loss and cellulite are unhealthy diet, stress, and
non-compliance. If you decide to lose weight, start with the regime
and proper nutrition. Do not eat after 20 o’clock in the evening, do
not make big breaks between meals.

Is better absorbed by the
food, if taken 5-6 times a day in small portions. It is desirable to
combine diet with exercise, then weight loss will be more effective.
If you have a sedentary job, and you move a little, you walk to work,
do the exercises in the morning and at lunchtime walk in the fresh
air. Fast weight loss will happen if you go in swimming, gymnastics,
any other sport. There are special exercises for slimming legs and
thighs are perfect for training with hoop.

The main principle of
slimming thighs and legs is to enhance metabolism, removing toxins
from the body and improve the functioning of the liver. Nutritionists
consider the ability of the organism and its features. If you lose
weight without the help of a doctor, follow the fundamental
principles and recommendations.

To properly comply with
the drinking regime. Liquid receiving at least 1.5-2 liters per day.
This may be carbonated mineral water or green tea. You can drink
water with the addition of broth hips. Displays the maximum number of
toxins, improves the function of the liver, especially when observed
in the complex diet and drinking regime.

Every woman wants to have
a slim figure, beautiful legs and hips. Today there are many methods
of losing weight. But the most important thing – it’s diet, nutrition
and the regime. A healthy lifestyle can help maintain a slim figure,
youth and beauty!


Health Insurance

Health Insurance has gained high importance in the present scenario, since it safeguards health of you and your dependents against financial crisis arising on account of medical emergency. Basically, it covers the overall risk and emergencies of healthcare expenses and develops a regularized structure of finance such as a monthly premium or annual tax to the insurance company. This process ensures that money is available to pay for the healthcare benefits specified in the insurance agreement. It also includes insurance covering disability or long-term nursing or custodial healthcare needs. Therefore, having your health insured on a plan helps you to get timely coverage and better medical care while uninsured people tend to face delays in the times of urgency and receive inadequate health care.

Basic benefits covered in Health Insurance:

? Health Insurance is also known as Mediclaim or Medical Insurance. Some of the best Health Insurance companies cover the material consequences of a disease. The chief benefits paid by the Health Insurance companies include sickness coverage, hospital allowance and additional facilities that may differ per plan.

? In cases of severe accidents and surgeries, health insurers not only pay for the medical expenses but also take care of the hospitalization costs.

? Hospital charges consist of costs arising from the treatments taken in the particular hospital, which requires at least one night’s stay in the respective hospital.

? At times, even those expenses are covered by the Insurance Company if by accident the concerned physician, doctor or a medical practitioner has given a wrong or incomplete treatment, therapy.

Guidelines to choose the best Health Insurance:

? The major concern while selecting a health insurance plan is the factor of the ability to afford.

? Health care plans that are reasonable yet provide maximum benefits become the utmost priority. Preferably, the plans that cover cashless hospitalization at numerous hospitals and healthcare centers provide quick options to buy or renew the plans online at your convenience and avail you with better services like tax benefits compared to other plans should be the topmost priority.

? It is true that people buy insurance for different reasons but some of the best health plans that comprehend the additional needs are of much significance. For instance, you may get free coupons that help you to save your money when you go for a health check-up.

? Also, there are certain benefits of expanding the coverage by renewing the plans. There is a belief that Medicare is easily accessible but it has certain barriers. Safety-net care from hospitals and clinics provides facilities to have such an access but cannot be a substitute for Health Insurance.

? Therefore, with health insurance you can be at peace since it provides you valuable coverage in cases of normal or extreme emergencies. At ICICI Lombard General insurance, our aim is to provide best health insurance and thus, we offer variety of plans such as Health Advantage Plus Insurance, Family Floater Plan and Personal Accident Insurance Plan that secure health of you and your family.

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